Kayaking at Okeeheelee Park [West Palm Beach]

About Okeeheelee Park

Okeeheelee Park is a massive regional park located on the Western side of West Palm Beach, near the city of Greenacres and along Forest Hill Blvd., it can easily been seen traveling along the Florida Turnpike past Exit 97. Classified as a regional park, it is massive and offers something for everyone. Inside the 1700-acre park is a Golf Course, Equestrian Center, Nature Center, a large lake, dog park, softball and baseball fields, and of course, plenty of the typical park offerings of playgrounds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, etc. There are miles of paved paths and trails stretching throughout the park for walking, skating and bicycling. I prefer rougher and greener terrain for bicycling, so trips to Okeeheelee are usually spent enjoying the park’s huge lake, “Lake Okeeheelee”. It’s the perfect place for kayaking, paddle boarding, and paddle boating.

Kayaking on Lake Okeeheelee 

I’ve been kayaking on Lake Okeeheelee twice, once with a friend, and more recently, solo. I must say, I felt perfectly safe going it solo – although I wouldn’t recommend kayaking solo on some other lakes, mainly for fear of alligators and snakes and other reptiles I don’t particularly care for. I definitely felt more at peace kayaking alone on this lake.

Arriving at the park, the vendor that offers kayak rentals (as well as paddle boat and bike rentals) is located just to the right of the first available turn, if entering from the main entrance. There was no wait, I paid a little more than $13.00 for an hour of kayaking. Not bad. They brought the kayak up to me, handed me a life vest and sent me along my merry way to enjoy the pristine water. (Note: the kayaks are very comfortable, with lots of leg room, and of course you could always bring your own kayaks)

It doesn’t take long to explore much of Lake Okeeheelee – one to two hours is plenty. The best part of the adventure is the small-ish island located close

to what seems like the middle of the lake. It’s covered in tall trees with green leaves that hang over the water, but there is a spot to “park” your kayak and explore the island; you can also paddle close enough to the island to see a good amount of wildlife. I’ve spotted some gorgeous birds perched on the trees, and some turtles swimming below the water, which is clear enough to see all the plant life situated around the island. Take time to enjoy the variety of fish that are visible, constantly swimming among the plants. Of course, withgreat company, going with friends, family or your SO is always an enjoyable experience. But, if you’re wanting to get away from the stresses of every day life, take a load off and enjoy some “me time,” kayaking on Lake Okeeheelee is the perfect opportunity to plug your headphones in, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful shrubbery and passerbys who may be skating, biking, or even those kayaking and paddle boarding around you, which there have been about 4-5 groups enjoying the water the same time as me, both times I’ve kayaked on Lake Okeeheelee. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some peace and tranquility.

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