Flamingo Gardens [Davie]

Situated in Davie to the East of Everglades Holiday Park, Flamingo Gardens Botanical Garden and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary is pretty much smack dab in the middle of South Florida. Adding to its perfect location is the fact that it’s surrounded by two parks on either side – Robbins Park and Long Key Nature Area and Nature Center – making it a prime location for any and every nature lover.

I visited Flamingo Gardens with a friend; this would be a perfect idea for a day date, or just a family outing for adults with small kids.

As you enter Flamingo Gardens, it seems as though this is nature’s little “hole in the wall.” From the outside, the place doesn’t look like much, but that changes quite a bit once you venture inside. Upon entering the facility, you first hit an area full of birds – it’s pretty much Heaven for any bird lover – and as luck would have it, I pretty much with I could hug every bird that exists ever. The only downside, you can’t hug these birds. You have to admire from outside their cages. They’re incredibly friendly birds, from macaws to lorikeets to sunbirds. They so lovely.

If you do manage to make your way past the birds, you can head to the girt shop, where you purchase your tickets or hand your pre-purchased tickets to the attendee who lets you into the main facility.

As soon as you enter the actual sanctuary, it resembles a zoo, but a little more open. There are a variety of animals you can admire – from turtles and tortoises to fish and otters, even bears, and as the name entails, flamingos. One of the wonders of the sanctuary is that wild peacocks freely roam – and although they’re an invasive species and they tend to let out loud screams if you get too close, they are a beautiful animal, nonetheless.

Once you tire of walking around and checking out the animals, reading the neat facts in front of the exhibits, watching them eat or sleep or play, you can check out some shows. The one we saw was pretty informational, starring some interesting birds of prey. It was both informative and entertaining. I would definitely go back to Flamingo Gardens just to marvel at the winged beauties.

Flamingo Gardens operate through donations and admission costs, but mostly donations. Based on the kindness of visitors like us who love nature and animals and places where we can be in awe at them. They rehabilitate these animals, contributing to the wellbeing of our environments and ecosystems, and creating a healthier world. I recommend not only visiting Flamingo Gardens, but donating to their cause and telling your friends and family about the amazing things that they do.

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